Automatic Melting Boiling Point Apparatus

Automatic Melting/Boiling Point Apparatus

Automatic Melting/Boiling Point Apparatus

The Melting/Boiling Point Apparatus are used for determining the boiling point of liquids and melting point of solids. These are provided with magnetic stirrers to maintain uniform temperature during the determining processing. These apparatuses are extensively known for their features like accurate determination, excellent over heating protection, well controlled temperature increment and decrement procedure and longer working life. The apparatuses are ideally used in industries like chemical, steel, iron, pharmaceutical, automobile and research centers.
Temperature Range5ºC Above Ambient to 300ºC
Heating before set pointAutomatic Temperature Heating depending upon temp. diff.
Heating after Set pointVariable 0.5, 1.0 & 2.0 ºC/min - Selectable
Detection of MeltingMelting Range
Temperature Resolution0.1ºC
CalibrationMultipoint Point Calibration Standard - as per Pharmacopia or any users known standard.
Melting CapillaryThree Capillary
SampleBorosilicate Capillary Tube One End Sealed
a) OD 1.4 to 1.6 mm b) ID : 1.0mm c) Filling Height : 3 mm
Temperature SensorPT-100
Data StorageNon Volatile Memory with more than 50 analysis data storage with corresponding calibration data.
Method StorageTen User method parameter with Add/Edit Facility.
Printer OutputParallel Port (Optional)
KeyboardAlphanumeric Polyester Softkeys
Backlit LCD Display20 x 4 Line Alphanumeric
Power230 VAC ± 10%, 50Hz

Automatic Melting / Boiling Point Apparatus

Automatic Melting / Boiling Point Apparatus

The Automatic Melting / Boiling Point Apparatus (Model: ThermoCal / µThermoCal10) is suitable for verifying the accurate boiling and melting point of liquids and solids respectively. These technologically developed apparatuses are provided with various accessories like 250ml beaker, Teflon coated magnetic paddle, power cord , boiling tube, heater, RTD sensor, silicon oil, Teflon assembly for holding capillary, melting capillary one end sealed (pack of 100 nos), operational & instruction manual and warranty card to make them user friendly.

Model : ThermoCal / µThermoCal10

Supplied with 250ml Beaker, Teflon Assembly for holding capillary, Heater, RTD Sensor, Silicon Oil, Melting Capillary one end sealed (Pack of 100 Nos), Boiling Tube, Teflon Coated Magnetic Paddle, Power Cord , Operational & Instruction Manual and Warranty Card.

Salient Feature
Technical Specification

Backlit LCD Display16 x 2 Line Alphanumeric
Temperature Range5ºC above ambient to 300ºC
Temperature SensorPT100
Readability1.0ºC for Model ThermoCal
Readability0.1ºC for Model µThermoCal10
Temperature Accuracy± 1ºC , 10ºC above ambient to 300ºC
Power Supply230 VAC ± 10% , 50 Hz

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