Automatic Melting Point Apparatus Model100

Automatic Melting Point Apparatus

Automatic Melting Point Apparatus

Approx. Rs 3.79 Lakh / Number

Automatic Programmable Melting Point Apparatus
Model: µThermoCal100 | Make: ANALAB | HSN Code: 90278090

Supplied with Melting Capillary One End Sealed (Pack of 100 Nos.), Boiling Tube, Sample Tapping Rod, Five Melting Standards (ANALAB Certified), Forceps, Power Cord, ANALABsafe software, USB Interface Cable, Operational & Instruction Manual, Calibration Test Certificate and Warranty Card.

Technical Specification:
Temperature Controller: Microcontroller Based
Detection Principal of Melting Point: Automatic by Silicon
Heating Media: By Aluminum Block
Temperature Range: +5°C above ambient to 400°C
Readability: 0.1°C
Accuracy of Temperature: A) 10°C above ambient to 100°C .... ± 0.2°C B) 101°C to 200°C .... ± 0.4°C C) 200°C to 400°C .... ± 0.5°C
Overheating Protection: In-built - Set by user in method parameter
Heating Before Set Point (EMP): Automatic heating depending upon temperature difference
Heating Rates: 0.1 to 20.0ºC/min (Increment of 0.1ºC) - Selectable
Display: 20 x 4 Line Alphanumeric Backlit LCD
Detection of Melting: A) Melting Point B) Melting Range C) % Level of Melting Point between Melting Range
Melting Point Average Reading: Display of average reading for three same sample
Detection of Boiling Point: Manually by viewing in TFT Display – One Boiling Tube
Magnification: 5X
Keypad: Membrane waterproof polycarbonate soft touch keypad compliance to UL/ROHS
Recoding of Melting Capillary: Camera with TFT Display for viewing and Recoding of Melting Capillary in CAPillary VIEW (Memory 64 GB)
Method: 40 method for Melting & 10 for Boiling sample with View, Print & Delete facility
Calibration: Eight Calibration Standards (As per Pharmacopeia AND / OR customer's known standards.)
Melting Capillary: Three Capillary (Three Channel)
Melting Channel : Three different sample analysis of different temperature in single run
Glass Melting Capillary : OD: 1.4 to 1.6mm | ID: 1.0mm | Length: 100mm | One End Sealed
Sample Filling Height : 3mm
21 CFR Part-11 : Compliance is in-built with system with 1 Admin and 7 users different Login ID & Password. Log Data History can store in system itself and can be transfer to PC through ANALABsafe software and can print on 40 / 80 column dot matrix printer for record.
Maximum Heating Time : Around 6 minutes from 50°C to 350°C
Maximum Cooling Time : Around 6 minutes from 350°C to 50°C
Temperature Sensor : Duplex PT-100, One for internal used and One for calibration purpose byexternal source
Calibration Data Storage : Non Volatile Memory which can store, print & view calibration date & time, company name, standard name with temperature, actual reading of standard temperature, calibration done by, instrument serial number, instrument ID, model number etc.
Report Formation : As per GLP Compliance
Analysis Data Storage : More than 1000 analysis data can be stored with corresponding calibration data with batch number/ID, users name, sample name, instrument serial number, instrument ID, model number, calibration point, calibration date & time, analysis date & time, upper & lower calibration standard based on sample temperature, heating rate, melting range (MP1 & MP2), signature etc. Secondly, analysis data can print directly from analysis mode without saving analysis data in instrument.
Printer Interface : Centronics Parallel Port / Serial Port
PC Interface : USB Inter face Cable with Driver, ANALABsafe software to transfer data in GLP Format from Instrument to PC in non-editable format and password protected. Software supports
OS upto Windows 10, 32/64 bits system.

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