Laboratory Scale Gas Generator

Laboratory Scale Nitrogen Gas Generators

Laboratory Scale Nitrogen Gas Generators

The Laboratory Gas Generators ensure a continuous and regulated supply of purified compressed air with no added impurities and accurate dew point. Easy to install and quiet in operation, these can be simply attached to the outlet air with the instruments. Depending upon the requirements of the clients, these gas generators are available in different capacities and models.

This gas generator finds wide application in the laboratories of pharmaceuticals, chemical, dyes and pesticides.

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Zero Air Gas Generator

Zero Air Gas Generator

The Zero Air Generator is suitable for gas chromatography. Ensuring ultra high purity grade zero air for combustion gas, this type of generator has a stable and lower baseline signal unlike traditional gas sources. Owing to its lower baseline noise, there is larger signal to noise ratio, enhancing the sensitivity or larger peak areas. The zero air generator is easy to operate, with no labor intensive monitoring involved.

Model : ZA4000


Salient Features

Technical Specifications
Moisture Content< 2 ppm
Total Hydro Carbon< 0.5 ppm
CO & CO2< 2 ppm
Purity of GasUHP / GC Grade
Micron Particulates< 0.01 Micron
Capacity of Gas4000 ml/Min at 6 kg/cm2
Method of PurificationPSA
Dew Point- 40ºC
Room Temperature5 - 30ºC
Supply230Volt ± 10%,50Hz

Operation of Nitrogen Generators

If the temperature of the compressed air is more then 40ºC then it is necessary to provide AFTER COOLER which should ensure the outlet temperature of 40ºC. During this cooling process, some moisture condenses, which is removed from Prefilter. The HEATLESS type Zero Air Generator is the simplest & economical Zero Air Generator with Activated Alumina Molecular Sieve as the desiccant. The Twin Absorbers filled with these desiccant is assembled with 3-way, 2-way, control valves and interconnected pipings. The unit follows the Drying sequences of 10 minutes. Here one absorber is under drying cycle for 5 minutes & simultaneously the other absorber under goes for regeneration and equalization process for (4 + 1) 5 min. respectively. The changeover of the absorber takes place with the help of sequence timer. The moistured air and regenerative air is drained out through the individual silencer of the absorbers provided at the bottom hence Zero Air comes from the top of the Absorber & is taken to your process for your applications.

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