pH mV Temp. ORP Analyzer

pH/mV/Temperature/ORP Analyzer (Three/Five Point Calibration)

pH/mV/Temperature/ORP Analyzer (Three/Five Point Calibration)

pH/mV/ºC/ORP Analyzer (Three/Five Point Calibration)
Model: µpHCal100 | Make: ANALAB | HSN Code : 90278090

Supplied with Combination Glass pH Electrode (0-70ºC), Standard Buffer Tablets (7.00, 4.01, 9.18 pH), Temperature Probe, Electrode Stand consists of Clamp, Base Plate & Rod, Dust
Cover, DC Adaptor, ANALABsafe software, USB Interface Cable, Operational & Instruction Manual, Manufacturer Test Certificate and Warranty Card. 

Technical Specification:
Range : -2.000 to 20.000pH
Selectable Resolution : 0.1 / 0.01 / 0.001 pH
Relative Accuracy : ± 0.002 pH
Range – mV/RmV : ± 2000.0
ORP : EH auto calibration to standard hydrogen electrode
Resolution : 0.1
Relative Accuracy : ± 0.2 mV OR 0.05%, whichever is greater.
Range : -5.0 to 130.0ºC
Resolution : 0.1ºC
Relative Accuracy : ± 0.1ºC
Display : 20 x 4 Line Alphanumeric Backlit LCD
Selectable Slope : 80-120%/90-110% (Customized slope will be available on request at extra cost)
Total Numbers of Slope : 04 slope for five point calibration & 02 slope for three point calibration
Auto Buffer Recognition : 1) 1.68, 4.01, 6.86 / 7.00, 9.18 /10.01 & 12.45 pH @25ºC for five points
2) 4.01, 6.86 / 7.00, 9.18 / 10.01 pH @25ºC for three points
Buffer Standard : US / NIST & EURO
Keypad : Membrane waterproof polycarbonate soft touch touch keypad compliance to UL/ROHS
Error Messages : “Bad Buffer / Electrode”, “Temperature Probe”, “In-complete Calibration”, “Calibration Due”, “Low Memory” & “pH Over Range”.
Temperature Compensation : Auto / Manual
Temperature Calibration : Onsite by users with in-built software
Reading Display : Simultaneous of pH, mV & Temperature
Short Link : Provided to diagnose the problem either with Instrument OR Electrode.
Calibration Reminder Alarm : 0-99 hours
Password Protection : Date & Time, Calibration Mode & Delete Stored Analysis Data (Different Passwords)
Result hold / un-hold : By “hold / un-hold” Key
Calibration Data Storage : Non Volatile Memory which can store, print & view last calibration data with pH buffer, pH reading, mV, temperature, slope, offset, calibration date & time, instrument serial number, Instrument ID, model number calibration point.
Report Formation : As per GLP Compliance
Analysis Data Storage : More than 1000 analysis data can be stored with corresponding calibration data with batch number/ID, users name, sample name, instrument serial number/ID, model number, calibration point, calibration date & time, analysis date & time, searching of data as per batch number, display of pH buffer, pH reading, mV, temperature, % slope, offset etc. Secondly, analysis data can print directly from analysis mode without saving analysis data in instrument.
Printer Interface : Centronics Parallel Port / Serial Port
Printer : 40 / 80 Column Dot Matrix Printer (Printer have to procure optionally)
PC Interface : USB Inter face Cable with Driver, ANALABsafe software to transfer data in GLP Format from Instrument to PC in non-editable format and password protected. Software supports OS upto Windows 10, 32/64 bits system.
Magnetic Stirrer Interface : Inbuilt with instrument (Magnetic stirrer have to procure optionally)
Power Supply : DC Adaptor

pH Sensor with BNC Connector

pH Sensor with BNC Connector

Combination Glass pH Electrode with BNC COnnector

pH Range : 0-14 pH
Temperature Range : 0-70°C

pH Electrode with BNC Connector

pH Electrode with BNC Connector

Combination Glass pH Electrode with BNC Connector
pH Range : 0-14 pH
Temperature Range : 0-70°C

Online pH Sensor with Teflon Wire

Online pH Sensor with Teflon Wire

Online pH Sensor with BNC Connector


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